Tuesday, May 13, 2008

China Earthquake - Five Steps from Home

Monday the Chinese province of Sichuan was hit by a reported 7.9 earthquake which has been devastating in its impact. As of this morning, casualties figures stand at approximately 12,000, with an estimated 18,000 buried in rubble in one city alone.

Virtually anytime there is an impact on the Chinese population, the numbers are large. In this case as well, the numbers are staggering. When the numbers involved in such a disaster are of this magnitude, it sometimes numbs the mind to the true nature of the individual tragedies that are taking place. Family homes have been destroyed, family members have been lost. Emotional, physical, economic, psychological, and spiritual recovery may be long in coming.

But what does this have to do with us?

Beyond the pain that we individually should feel at the suffering of any member of the Human Family, the impact can be more direct, and hence we introduce the concept of Five Steps from Home.

Whereas Two Minute Briefing usually provides the connections on how events may impact you, your community, or your organization, today we invite you to search for the links. We think you will find that this Chinese tragedy will be only some five steps from home, your home, your business, your community.

We invite your comments.

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