Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woe unto them that call evil good (Isaiah 5:20)

Gossip Girl, an apparently over-sexed show about teenagers in high school, has taken the negative comments of critics and turned them into their media campaign for this coming season. The advertisements feature provocative poses of the the shows main characters with the captions, "Very Bad for You", "Every Parent's Nightmare", "A Nasty Piece of Work", and "Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate". ('Gossip Girl': A look at Season 2's ad campaign)

In 2004, the RAND institute reported that "heavy exposure to sexual content on television related strongly to teens' initiation of intercourse in the following year." (Does Watching Sex on Television Influence Teens’ Sexual Activity?)

That Gossip Girl flaunts the sexual nature of its show, and that its target audience is teenagers is indeed very concerning.

Gossip Girl is a product of The CW television network.

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