Monday, May 25, 2009

The Selling of Homosexuality

The din subsequent to the California Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8 to be issued May 26th at 10:00 a.m. may cause attention to focus on the protests, the protesters, their cause etc. and by doing so, two critical points may become lost: first, the legal decision itself, and second, and perhaps more important, how the protest or celebrations themselves fit into the broader plan of selling homosexuality to America.

Read about how a plan written in 1990 for selling Homosexuality to America is being implemented today in a new TwoMinuteBriefing entitled “The Selling of Homosexuality”.

To access this TwoMinuteBriefing, visit or simply click here.

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Unknown said...

One other pattern I have noticed in the selling of homosexuality, at least on the part of two newspapers, is the severe limitation of comments and opinions on the part of those who favor Prop 8.
I perusing the news and editorial sections of the Orange County Register and the Sacramento Bee, it appears that the only comments in favor of Prop 8 that seem fit to print, at least in the minds of the editorial staff, are the ones whose reasoning and arguments are badly flawed or which appear frenzied or the product of half-baked thinking, this setting up easily-debunked straw men for the pro-gay side. This, of course, makes it appear as though all Prop 8 supporters (read: Christians) look and sound like witless demagogues.
The natural result is an overwhelming bias toward the pro-gay side on the part of the media, as I am sure that these two newspapers are hardly an anomaly. The media, of course, have their own agenda: readership, circulation, ratings; it's always about the money, and in this American culture, it's much more profitable to keep people inflamed and angry than to exert a little journalistic equanimity.