Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?

This evening on CNN's "In the Arena" Tricia Erickson stridently argued that Mitt Romney was unfit to be President of the United States because of the covenants he had made in the Mormon Temple.

Ms. Erickson, a former Mormon, has written a book entitled Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters, and argues that Romney's Mormon beliefs are an issue far more serious and threatening than Kennedy's Catholic beliefs when he ran and became president. As a former member of the LDS Church, she claims to understand the indoctrination to which members are subjected, and the extreme loyalty to the Church they promise to maintain.

As of this writing, the video of her interview on "In the Arena" was not yet posted on CNN, however, CNN blog posting with essentially the same discussion is available on CNN.

To read the CNN blog posting, click here.


Jenny Peacock said...
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Jenny Peacock said...

Of course people have the right to say what they want, and it is important to research choices for political office. But if someone's only attack against a candidate is their spiritual or religious beliefs I think they need to do a lot more research. Michael Otterson responded to similar comments made about Romney and the LDS Church in June, among other things he pointed out that Article VI of the US Constitution forbids a religious test for political office. You can read a synopsis of the exchange, as well as find links to the exchange at KLS News, "LDS Church spokesman responds to political attacks from evangelist," June 2011: